Vegas slot machine 1973 card game
🎰 Vegas Slot Machine 1973
Slot machine theme card game. 1-4 players. 10-40 minutes.
Play it solo, competitive, co-operative or in teams.
Make three same symbols 🍋🍋🍋 on one of the nine winning lines to get points!

📖 Easy to learn - hard to master

Rules in one minute

• Lay down 9 cards (3x3 grid) to make the slotmachine
• All players draw 3 cards in their hand
• On your turn: put down 1 card from your hand and try to make 3 of the same symbols 🍎🍎🍎 on a winning line
• 3 of the same symbols on a winning line is a prize
• Collect your prizes and keep them untill the end of the game
• At the end of the game all players count their prizes and write down their credit points
• You can play up to four games (10 minutes per game)
• The player with the most credit points wins the game

🚫 A few things you can't do

• Don't put a symbol card on top of a card with the same symbol
• Don't put a symbol card on top of a symbol that is already a part of a combination of two of the same symbols in a winning line
• Never put a symbol card on top of the ANY symbol

Below the rules in a minute movie.
💯 700 Points. Will you be the first?

As you can see Vegas Slotmachine 1973 is easy to learn and looks easy to play, but it is hard to get a score above 600 points. As of now, 700+ points has never been scored. Will you be the first? It's a game for one to four players and with two decks you can play up to eight players. Ten minutes of game play. Eight years and up. Fun to play!

🛡️ Solo, competitive, co-operative or teams

If you play competitive with 2 or more players it's hard to get 100-200 points a player. For solo and co-operatieve counts: 0-400 points is beginner. 402-502 points is basic. 504-598 points is good. 600+ points is GAMBLER PRO. 604 points is MAGICIAN. 650+ points is KING COIN. 700+ points is MASTER. 732 points is probably the highest score. Maybe it's higher but you may figure that out on yourself.

Author solo: 656 points (9-11-2019). Can you beat the author of the game?

📣 What others say...

📺 Nox gives it an 8! Review (EN)

Bastiaan Nox is the best known board game reviewer in the Netherlands with the largest board game review channel. Below is his review of Vegas Slot Machine 1973. The review is in English.

(0:00 Introduction) (1:00 unbox) (1:50 setup) (3:20 gameplay) (7:35 final thoughts)
Thanks to all test players

Henk, Vincent, Maarten, James, Bastiaan (Nox), Cassandra & Marc, Sandy, Bennie, Kevin, Sanne, Huub & Huub, Andries, Lot, Angelique, Nicoline, Carla, Jelle, Nadien, Cynthia, Mirella, Maud, Marluc, Mafioso apple pie Patrick, Daan, Remi, Hanneke, Koosje and a special thanks to the oldest (85!) test player Kitty.
💳 Insert a few coins and play for ever 💳
🎰 Win the Jackpot any time, any place, anywhere 🎰
🍒 🍒 🍒 Vegas Slot Machine 1973 🍒 🍒 🍒